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" 10 Things " you might not know about Dive Masks !

Kevin Deacon Dive 2000 Dive Travel & Photo Centre  Dive 2000

1:  Masks with Black Silicon skirts offer superior vision when snorkelling or scuba diving in shallow water as clear silicon mask skirts allow sunlight to penetrate the mask skirt creating reflections and compromised viewing. 00012:  Black Silicon Skirt masks provide the ultimate view for photographers using camera viewfinders as no distraction is created by light entering the mask skirt.

3:  Brand new masks should always be "pre treated" with a mask Pre-cleaner such as Sea Buff to prevent continued fogging during the life of the mask. Pre-cleaners are also useful to remove the build up of contaminants on the glass over long term use. These contaminants include, sunscreens, natural oil from the diver's skin, mould or cosmetic products.

4:  Modern dive masks feature high quality silicon skirts that will retain their shape well into the future ensuring a good long term fit and seal. They also feature buckle systems that are moulded into the mask skirt which reduces the possibility of buckle damage as the buckle system is also flexible.

[caption id="attachment_2250" align="aligncenter" width="300"]0019 Clear skirt masks are ideal for modelling as they let the light through to reveal the eyes.[/caption]

5:  Neoprene Mask Strap "Tamers" are more comfortable for divers with long hair, the best models will fit over the original mask strap thus retaining the integrity of the mask strap buckle system. However, they do not grip onto dive hoods very well so remove them for this use.

6:  Off the shelf Optical Lenses are available for short sighted divers. Most top brands of dive masks can be supplied with your optical prescription with corrections ranging from -1 through to -6 dioptre.

7:   Off the shelf Optical Lenses for us aging divers who now require reading glasses are only available from Scubapro who fortunately have excellent low volume state of the art masks in Black & Clear Silicon Mask Skirts. These are available in +2 through to +4 and their use restores your eyesight perfectly so you can see those pygmy sea horses and read your dive instruments, see your camera controls and review your images on your camera monitor.  (There is a slight loss of sharpness at distance that you will not notice as objects are never perfectly sharp at distance underwater anyway).

8:  Bi Focal lenses are available if one is paranoid about having both options but personally, having tested them, I find they do not give me the comfortable, clear, optical vision at close up to near distances which is much more important underwater.

9:  Spitting on your mask is a quick fix to reduce fogging but no substitute for regular use of "mask de fog" products which reduce build up of scum due to sunscreens, cosmetics, natural skin oils and contaminants including saliva.

[gallery ids="2251,2252"] 10:  Vaseline is useless as a seal if that moustache or beard is giving you trouble. Instead, shave off a very thin strip of hair just under the nose, and if necessary clear away a bit of "Wolfman" hair on the upper cheeks. (Maintain this on a daily basis while diving as stubble is even worse than hair when a mask seal is required) [caption id="attachment_2253" align="aligncenter" width="300"]A fantastic range of masks are available to fit everybody. A fantastic range of masks are available to fit everybody ![/caption]

By Kevin Deacon. Dive 2000 Dive Travel & Photo Centre  Dive 2000