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" 10 Things " you might not know about Dive Travel !

Kevin Deacon Dive 2000 Dive Travel & Photo Centre   Overseas Travel - Dive 2000

 10 Things About Travel D21_4367-2

1:  All the tropical dive locations in the World are in either the Southern or Northern Hemisphere and are divided by the Equator, severe weather events occur in opposing seasons.

2:  The Southern Hemisphere experiences regular cyclones during the Australian Summer. The Northern Hemisphere experiences regular Hurricanes during the Australian Winter. When planning dive travel you should consider this.

3:  Dive Travel Agents will still sell you travel scheduled during Cyclone, Hurricane & Typhoon season.  Dive resorts & Live aboard dive boat operators will still invite you on tours scheduled during Cyclone, Hurricane & Typhoon season. This is on the basis that there are also calm periods between severe weather events.  Do you feel lucky?

4:  For travel to any dive destination it is best to pre-book all arrangements in advance.  This avoids missing out due to facilities booked out or worse, arriving only to find that there are not enough clients to warrant facilities being provided.

5:  Travelling on a group tour often provides a better combination of supervision, safety, social activity & compatible dive buddies than travelling as a single or couple.  Check with the Tour Leader.  Some group tours may be made up of people that are not compatible with you. Too young, too old, too wild, too tame, too inexperienced! However, a group that seems too experienced will always make a new diver welcome and help raise their experience and ability. It is an unspoken code among all good divers and dive tour leaders.

6:  All airlines are entitled to charge you for any excess baggage, this is not negotiable. They are also not obliged to actually load it on your flight if the flight is overloaded.  Pack as light as possible and cross your fingers.

7:  Airlines can and do change flight schedules at any time and sometimes on very short notice, be prepared to be flexible and ready to go into damage control. Otherwise, travel may not be for you!

8:  Live Aboard dive vessels almost always depart port, right on schedule.  If your flight is delayed you have literally missed the boat!  Bad luck, you should have planned to arrive a day or two early and most destinations offer some great land based culture and activity that will enhance your experiences.

9:  Diving on air is not the ideal choice for dive travellers.  Diving using Nitrox (EANX) is highly recommended during dive travel agendas as you will be exposed to much more nitrogen than at home.

10:  And guess what?   That reddish, purplish discolouration all around your abdomen that developed during your dive holiday is not a rash, not an insect bite, not sunburn, it is a skin bend, an early symptom of the Nitrogen Sickness (The Bends) !  Don’t use ointment, use O2 ASAP.

By Kevin Deacon. Dive 2000 Dive Travel & Photo Centre   Overseas Travel - Dive 2000