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Dive 2000 Ladies Dive Day & Lunch - February 12

Ali, Puddles, Michelle H, Michelle B, Liz, Beth, Stephie, Michelle D

Our ladies gathered this year at Sydney Harbour's beautiful Clifton Gardens park, a popular dive site featuring easy access, calm shallow depths and a myriad of marinelife. The weather was perfect and with great anticipation of marine life encounters our ladies plunged in!

They were entertained with the antics of octopus, ballets of delicate sea horses, marvellous Moray eels and the sighting of a rare hairy frog fish just waiting to be kissed and turned into a handsome prince!

Rare Hairy Anglerfish/Frogfish. Photo by Jenny "Puddles" Silman

Back ashore wetsuits were switched for sarongs and other items of fashion as the ladies headed off to Wildwater Grill Restaurant on the ocean front of Dee Why Beach. Arguably the finest dining strip on the Northern Beaches with a spectacular setting of surf, sand and sea stretching to the horizon.

Without delay, wine was soon sparkling in the glasses and delectable dishes consumed as 20,000 words of conversation swirled to and fro proving once again that women are from Venus and men are from Mars.

Our Ladies Dive Day is a celebration of Women in Diving. We wish all scuba women worldwide the best experiences the undersea world can offer and thank them all for enriching the pastime of recreational diving and exploration. Very special thanks to our Sponsors Scubapro & Dive 2000 !

....   over to you Puddles ....

Sunday and it's sunshine, heat and a good touch of humidity for the Annual D2K Ladies Dive Day and Lunch. As Sydney sweltered under a summer sun the ladies took to the water for a refreshing Harbour dip at Clifton Gardens.

After a wee bit of pre-dive procrastination and one highly "insightful" dive briefing (that drew in divers from far and wide) all 8 D2K diving divas (aka Ali, Liz, Steph, Beth, the 3 Michelle's and of course moi) were off cruising the balmy harbour waters, eyes peeled, looking for all kinds of amazing critter life that call Clifton home.

We were mesmerised by our little dancing Sabre-tooth Blenny friend, an Anglerfish was spotted in its sponge hideout, Octopus were observed hunkered down in their lairs, Cuttlefish were caught out snoozing, Morays found carousing, well dressed Decorator Crabs strolled about and wonderful White's Seahorse were spotted scattered about the pylons and pool net in abundance. What a delightful little dive!

After the all underwater shenanigans it was time for a well deserved feed. Off to Dee Why we headed where we were also joined by Angela and Diana at the Wildwater Grill for some great food and great company along with some fun and games thrown in.

Just pipping Ali and myself at the post, a well deserving Angela took out the major prize, a Scubapro Chromis dive computer, with her highly creative interpretation of Sarong wear - the Hippie Head Dress.


Michelle D skilfully won the lucky number draw and was mighty pleased with her Scubapro umbrella. Never fear the rest of the diving divas didn't go home empty handed either with Scubapro Mask Tamers, key rings, chocolates & surf jimmies also being a big hit all round.

So with the D2K Ladies Dive Day and Lunch over for another year it's a big shout out and thank you to Cherie and Josie for organising the day, along with providing such excellent shore support to the underwater diving diva team and to Scubapro for their generosity in sponsoring the prizes and gifts on the day.

By Kevin Deacon & Jenny "Puddles" Silman. Dive 2000 Dive Travel & Photo Centre  Click Here