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Dive 2000 - Sunday Double Dive at Swansea - December 13

Jenny "Puddles" Silman      PUDDLES POST: [caption id="attachment_2156" align="aligncenter" width="372"]12366282_702980419839459_7294570988453921012_n Liz, Troy, Alexandra, Mo, Luke, & Brad[/caption] Smiles all round for the Swansea D2K dive crew with 2 great dives. First dive was a high speed thrill ride (D2K high speed precision diving at its best 🏁  with the fish life left looking a wee bit startled !) 12316346_702863266517841_4800453896820529179_nDive two was a short meander under the bridge in amongst the pylons and a myriad of fish. Very pretty. Thanks to joint leader Troy! By Jenny "Puddles" Silman