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Dive 2000 Sunday Double Dive - Kurnell & Shiprock

Chris_Jefferd_New      CJ CHATz: Group The weather was idyllic with a nice bit of breeze building up in the afternoon to cool us down. At Kurnell we were in the water at 9.30am. There was a bit of chop but no swell and an onshore breeze.  We all went out to the sand line and turned into the current, which was a bit more brisk than ideal but not a problem. We divided ourselves between hunting Weedy sea dragons and exploring the vibrantly coloured sponge gardens and critters amongst the boulders. Between us were sighted weedies, many nudibranches, octopi, an eagle ray, eastern blue gropers, a moray eel and the usual suspects in terms of leatherjackets, wrasse, sea stars, and goat fish.  Everyone was happy and smiling after that. [gallery ids="2277,2276"] We headed straight off to Shiprock with a view to getting good parks. Turned out this was no problem and only 2 other cars with divers turned up.  As we descended the splendid walkway to the terraced entry point, generously financed (including donation of land) by the adjacent neighbour Mr Sinclair, us oldies reminisced about the good old days slipping and sliding in the mud and hanging on to ropes to scale the headland. Well the Shiprock dive hadn't changed!  We descended into the eeried depths along the wall of deadman's fingers and bright yellow sponges to the bottom of the channel at about 14m with powerboats and jet skis whining overhead. We visited the bubble cave for a chat about whether it was dangerous to breath the air and how it didn't smell musty at all did it? From then on it was everyone for themselves as the silt started to billow up and mayhem ensued with bodies and buddies everywhere.  My buddy's orange fins were a godsend!  We all emerged highly charged with tales of wobbegongs, pineapple fish, eels, scorpion fish, a frog fish and again the usual suspects, fortescues, fan-bellied leather jackets, cushion stars, stripies and morwongs. By Chris "CJ" Jefferd