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Intro Digital Underwater Photo Workshop (1 Day)

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About the Workshop

Relive your favourite experiences by capturing the wonder and adventure of the aquatic realm with digital underwater photography.

Thinking about taking Digital Photos Underwater but not sure where to start? There are so many choices, options and accessories. What is going to be the best system to suit you?

Perhaps you already have a camera but not sure where to go from there. This day will help to answer those questions for you. We will be looking at how to choose your first camera and what accessories you will need now and in the future.

We will also cover camera and housing care, and system set up so that you can get the most out of the system you already have and keep the water where it belongs – on the outside of your system.

We will also have a brief overview of the various styles of Underwater Photography like Macro, Wide Angle and Strobe photography and the accessories or camera systems you will need to achieve these photos.

You will also have an opportunity to take a camera into the water and begin taking Underwater Digital Photos.


$150 for the one day workshop.  Digital Camera Hire from $50 (based on sharing with a buddy)

Course Schedule

  • Sunday:
    • 9:30am-1pm  Workshop and knowledge development
    • 2.00pm-4:00pm  Practical camera setup and dive (optional)
    • 4pm-5:30pm  Post Dive
      • Personal consultation on selection of camera equipment & accessories
      • Picture critiques & technique advice


  • Theory and practical session including a shore dive at one of our local sites.
  • Personal advice on choosing your camera or accessories

What You Need to Bring

  • Your Camera if you already have one. (Systems will be available to hire but you will need to book them) 
  • You will require a complete set of dive gear including air cylinder & weights. 
  • Lunch and snacks for the day
  • Towel, hat and sunscreen.