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PADI Enriched Air Diver

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About the Course

The PADI Enriched Air course is designed to teach you the procedures for safe, recreational no decompression diving with enriched air.  Enriched air is recreational diving’s latest tool to safely extend no decompression time, especially in the 10 - 30m range.

It extends bottom time by replacing some of the nitrogen in the air fill with oxygen, so you absorb less nitrogen during the dive.  You’ll learn how to plan dives and determine your no decompression limits and your oxygen exposure limits with enriched air so that you can remain at your planned depth for much longer than your normal air time limits would allow. 

Price $ TBA


  • PADI eLearning
  • PADI Wall Certificate and PADI Enriched Air ID Card

What You Need to Bring

  • Complete set of dive gear including air cylinders and weights.
  • Dive computer if you have one. Hire of EAN (Enriched Air) Computers can be arranged.