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Great Barrier Reef - Minke Whale Adventure

This is one of those life altering opportunities that comes by so rarely in our busy modern lives.

Experience the indescribable feeling of total tranquility as you come face-to-face with these majestic creatures.  As all whale encounters are snorkelling, this is the perfect holiday for divers and non divers alike.

Trip Dates

Sydney Booking Agents for all Mike Ball trips. Regular departure dates June & July

Minke Whales

Minke whales are commonly seen along the Ribbon Reefs north of Cairns between May and August.  The Mike Ball protocols combined with the Minkes' natural curiosity provides you with very close encounters and spectacular opportunities for close up videos and photography.

Dwarf Minke whales are the smallest of the baleen whales. They have a characteristic white band on each fin that contrasts with a very dark grey fin tip; these markings are as individual as fingerprints.  A fully developed adult is approximately 7-9m long and 5-7 tonnes in weight. Minke whales have a layer of blubber several inches thick and are quite sleek in appearance. 

  • Amazing in-water encounters with minke whales
  • Diver size fish at the Cod Hole
  • Ribbon Reefs with best fish & coral biodiversity
  • Superb underwater photo sites
  • Excellent snorkeling conditions
  • All dives between Lizard island and Cooktown
  • Superior vessel stability in adverse weather

Mike Ball Liveonboard & GBR Flight

Spoilsport = 5 Star Service! Spoilsport’s twin hull design maximizes your comfort in all weather conditions.   To ensure your needs are met, on arrival the ‘trip director’ will have a private consultation with you. In between dives you enjoy Spoilsport's luxurious motor yacht atmosphere and attentive crew. Spoilsport is the Great Barrier Reef ’s most awarded live aboard.  Spoilsport was designed to provide divers with a new level of comfort and convenience. You get less rock’n’roll with more space and comfort. 

250km GBR Flight -  Half the flight below 200m! The 'Fly Dive' flight is designed to maximize your appreciation of the northern section of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. We supply a detailed flight map so you can anticipate the low altitude pass (180m) over Endeavor Reef where Captain Cook ran aground, the Emily Wreck, the outer reefs you will dive from Spoilsport and Lizard Island. Keen observers are often rewarded with sightings of minke whales, dugongs, rays, turtles and sharks. 

Price ex Cairns (Pricing to 31/3/17)

  • $TBA Premium Cabin - 1 Queen size bed (couples only) own private shower and toilet
    down side of the boat with portholes/windows.
  • $TBA Standard Cabin - twin share twin bunks own private shower and toilet down the side of the boat with portholes/windows.
  • $TBA Club Cabin - twin share double bunks with own private shower and toilet down the middle of the boat so without port holes/windows
  • $TBA Budget Cabin  - twin share double bunks(2 persons in a small room up at the bow of the boat) with share shower and toilet outside the room
  • Place a deposit of $500 early to ensure your place, as spots are strictly limited. 


  • Three nights accommodation - 12 Dives + snorkelling with whales 
  • Low level reef flight
  • All meals
  • All air fills supplied on board the boat
  • All bedding, linen and towels. 

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